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Ceramic Coating Aftercare and Maintenance

Your vehicle is a luxury which means that it is essential that you take good care of them and maintain them. They have to be in good condition in order to keep you safe and at the same time, they should also be clean to keep them looking good. Ceramic coating is something that both protects your car and also makes it look visibly clean and glossy. Ceramic coatings are always treated better than sealants and waxes because of their long-lasting result. Ceramic coating is a layerable, clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating that when cured will transform itself on a surface into a durable yet flexible glass shield. Ceramic coating can be described as an additional clear coat with an additional hardness that can keep your car looking new for a longer period of time without grueling maintenance. Even though the ceramic coating is relatively less high maintenance than having your car washed and waxed, it still requires regular maintenance and aftercare to ensure that you get the best out of your ceramic coating.

Here are some ways to take care of your ceramic coating:

Curing Process

After the coating is applied, it needs to be cured for a period specified by the certified dealer or according to the ceramic coating company’s curing instructions. Curing time usually takes 2-3 weeks depending on weather conditions, such as humidity and temperature. It is important to take special care of your car during this period. The coating can help prevent your clear coat from water spots as it has hydrophobic properties meaning that it repels water. However, your car isn’t completely safe from it. It is much more important to avoid getting water spots during the curing process since it is costly to remove.

During the curing process, avoid the following:

  • Parking under trees if they are shedding. It’s best to avoid getting tree sap on a fresh coating.

  • Allowing bird droppings, sap, or pollen to sit on the car and dry in the sun.

  • Washing or abrading the paint.

If you notice that your car has any water droplets, bird droppings, dead bugs, tree saps, or any other contaminants during the first two weeks, make sure to immediately remove it. Keep in mind that the coating during this time period is still soft so make sure to be gentle while working on the paint.

Washing Your Car At Home

If you want to keep your protective treatment in place, washing your car on a regular basis is crucial. For best results, your car should be washed on a bi-weekly basis to avoid excessive contaminants from building up. Make sure to only use recommended mild soaps. There is a reason why there are ceramic coating-specific car shampoos. Many highly-rated car wash shampoos contain abrasive chemical agents and high pH levels that will cause a sili-based ceramic coating to turn into a mess. Always use ceramic coating-friendly car shampoo as it will not only safely clean your car’s surface but also add shine and rejuvenate the different properties of your coating. Avoid high-volume brush-style car washes as well. Here’s how you can properly hand wash your car:

  1. Pre-Rinse: Spray tire cleaner onto the rims and wheels, then wait for the cleaner to fully engulf the surface. Use a hose or a power washer to heavily rinse the whole vehicle with clean water to remove excess dirt.

  2. Rinse: Rinse the vehicle thoroughly to remove any remaining cleaner on the surface with clean water.

  3. Final Rinse: Rinse your vehicle thoroughly to remove any remaining soap on the surface using clean water. Be sure to flush your window trims, gas caps, lights, and edges to make sure that they are clear of any soap.

  4. Spray with All-Purpose Cleaner: Spray your car with a generous amount of all-purpose cleaner (APC) and allow it to rest for about 1 to 2 minutes.

  5. Washing: It’s best to do the two-bucket method as it is both recommended and very easy to follow. You only need two buckets: one with plain water and your car wash soap in it. Once you have washed a panel with your car wash brush, it’s possible that there is dirt on the brush. Make sure to rinse your brush thoroughly in water as this will reduce the possibility of replacing the dirt that has been removed from your car. Make sure not to wash your car in direct sunlight. Doing this will make the water evaporate very quickly which will lead to water spots.

  6. Dry: Starting at the top of the vehicle, use an air blower to blow off any water on the surface. After that, use a microfiber towel to remove any remaining water droplets. Double check under the mirrors, gas carps, rear bumper luggage area, door jambs, and crevices for any excess water.

Spot Removal

Never use aggressive products to polish the coating or remove any form of surface contaminants and make sure to be gentle when removing any spots. Bird droppings, tar, sap, and other contaminants should be removed as soon as possible to avoid any staining or hardening on the coating. Any staining left behind by bird droppings will break down over a few days without affecting the coating.

Annual Inspections

Annual inspections are recommended to ensure that the coating is maintained and cared for. Annual inspections should be carried out by an approved applicator within 30 days prior to the anniversary date of the last service to ensure that your coating is doing what it promises to do. Yearly inspections provide maximum luster and protection even when the product is robust and long-lasting.

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