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Your choice of a 2, 5, or 7 year Ceramic Coating paint protection that leaves the vehicle with a lasting gloss/polished look. Ceramic Coating offers: water resistance, UV ray protection, swirl and scratch resistance, vehicle stays cleaner longer and will be easy to clean, no more need to wax, and a highly visible Shine.

ceramic coating arizona
Ceramic Coating
Paint Correction Chandler, AZ


Meticulous paint correction, that entails: restoring the overall quality of the paint, removing sun damage, mineral deposits, scratches, etc. This is a vital prep process to every Ceramic Coat or Paint Protection, such as waxes or sealants.

Paint Correction


Choose multiple services for a detail tailored to your vehicle's needs.

full car detailing mesa az
Multiple Services
machine wax mesa az


Deep embedded paint protection that provides: a 3 month paint protection, repels water, dirt, debris, etc. and makes the paint pop/shine.

Machine Wax


Meticulous interior detail that includes: leather conditioning, carpet and upholstery shampoo, headliner cleaning, deep vacuum, thorough plastic shine, interior window shine, and AC vent clean out. Get a FREE interior detail with the purchase of a 5 Year Ceramic Coat.

full interior detail mesa az
Full Interior Detail
Boat ceramic coating Chandler, AZ


High quality services that removes water marks, sun damage, oxidation, and makes the boat Shine. Protect your boat with a 2, 5, or 7 Ceramic Coat. 

Boat Ceramic Coating


Long-lasting and easy-to-maintain protective barrier against dirt, dust, and other airborne pollutants for your car's glass surfaces. Our professional applicator ensures a flawless application of our high-quality, automotive-grade coating. The coating resists oxidation and minor scratches, resulting in smooth-surfaced and spotless exterior glass.

glass ceramic coating mesa az


Our extensive variety of tint products ensures that you get a perfect, tailored solution for your vehicle. We guarantee to match the tint to your exact specifications and deliver precisely the desired look you desire. Our team of technicians is trained and certified to work with all makes and models, so you can feel confident that you are receiving the highest quality service.


Everyone wants their vehicle to look spotless and brand new, just like how it looks the first day that they bought it. In order to maintain this spotless appearance, you wash it regularly and apply wax every few months. However, no matter how much you repeat this routine, there are still stains and chips on your car’s exterior. There are also water spots, dirt, and grime even if you’ve just washed it a few days back. Good thing there is a product that can give you the spotless, brand new look without you having to repeat the tiring maintenance process every week. This product is called Ceramic Coating and it could possibly save you from all the tiring, grueling processes of maintaining your car.


Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is applied to the exterior of your vehicle by hand. The coating chemically sticks to the car’s paint which creates a layer of protective coating. Some similar cheaper products have been used in the past to keep the car shiny and clean. One of these products is wax. Wax is organic and affordable and has been around for decades. However, the problem with wax is that isn’t really durable and has to be constantly reapplied throughout the year. Sealants are another similar product and were made to last for a couple of months. It is quite easy to apply but does not offer the same amount of shine as wax does. Both of these are outmatched by ceramic coating as ceramic coating remains effective for years.


Ceramic coating adds protection to your car while keeping it looking new with minimal maintenance. The coating makes your car much easier to clean as well. Here are the benefits of having ceramic coating:


  • The ceramic coating protects your vehicle from Oxidation and UV Damage. The more a vehicle is exposed to the sun, the more it will oxidize which will result in the paint getting faint and dull. A layer of ceramic coating can protect the paint from the sun’s UV rays, reducing the amount of oxidation.

  • Ceramic coating is hydrophobic which makes it easier to clean. Since ceramic coating repels water, the water will only bead on the surface which makes it so much easier to clean and slide off. This also means that mud and dirt will not stick as fast with your car making the car wash process effortless.

  • Ceramic coating makes your car much glossier as it enhances the reflective property of your car, adding depth to the clarity of your paint. 

  • Ceramic coating can also protect your car from chemical staining. The ceramic coating creates a chemically resistant surface which makes your vehicle resistant to staining and etching as long as the contaminant is removed quickly. 


Interior and Exterior Detailing

A lot of people seem to think that car detailing and car washing are the same. However, this is not the case. Detailing makes a vehicle look squeaky clean both inside and out. It is different from a car wash as car detailing involves handwashing by very experienced detailers. Detailing is divided into two, interior and exterior detailing.


Interior car detailing tends to require a lot more effort than exterior car detailing. The detailer will have to clean different kinds of materials, those made of vinyl, plastic, natural fiber, and leather. Interior detailing not only makes the inside of your car look and smell better, but it also helps in reducing the operational hazards that could obstruct the driver’s view. The standard processes for detailing include vacuuming, brushing and cleaning, glass cleaning, leather trimming, re-vacuuming and wiping, and perfuming. Let’s go into a little bit of detail of how each process goes:


  • Vacuuming - The first step to interior car detailing is to vacuum the entire interior of the car. These include vacuuming the cargo area, trunk, shelf, headliners, and car seats. Some areas may be difficult to clean which is why an air compressor is used for these areas instead.

  • Brushing and Cleaning - Carpets and mats are cleaned using this method. They need to be thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned in order to remove any stains or dirt that they may have collected over the years.

  • Glass Cleaning - A glass cleaner is recommended to properly clean the interior glass of your car to make sure that the view isn’t clouded which may hinder the driver from being able to drive properly. 

  • Leather Trimming - There are three different cleaning materials used for cleaning leather including saddle soap, leather soap, and leather cleaner. A damp cloth is used to remove excess soap from the leather while a custom conditioner is used for leather that should remain dry.

  • Wiping and Re-Vacuuming - Re-vacuuming is an important step to ensure that all leftover dirt that wasn’t removed during the first vacuming process is removed. The car windows and dashboards are cleaned using cloth and detergent which should restore the car’s original shine. 

  • Perfuming - The final step to interior detailing is leaving it with a good scent.


Exterior car detailing is an extensive and complex cleaning process of the exterior components of the vehicle. Exterior detailing greatly improves the physical appearance of the car and restores it to its original look. The processes that go into exterior detailing are washing and drying, claying, polishing, and sealing. Let’s take a closer look at each step:


  • Washing and Drying - The thing that sets exterior auto detailing apart from a regular car wash is that is it done by hand. The car is first sprayed with high-powered spray and is followed by the meticulous hand washing of the door handle, glass, car rim, and other exterior surfaces.

  • Claying - A clay bar is used to remove built up dirt and grime. This process is done since there may be impurities that cannot be removed with just normal detergents.

  • Polishing - Polishing is done to remove the scratches on your car that may lessen its value. Polishing will make your car look smoother and shinier. This process also helps preserve the life of your car’s paint.

  • Sealing - Sealant is applied in order to give your car a glossy shine. Sealant is very durable and also provides protection for your paint job.

Ceramic coating mesa az

Fred applied a Ceramic Coating to our 2021 Mustang convertible. The car looks amazing. We couldn't be more pleased with the results. We highly recommend Shine Mobile Detail. We also had Fred detail our 2017Chevy Colorado. This was a standard interior/exterior wash and wax. The final result was a vehicle that looked brand new. Nice work Fred. 


—  Marc Mulford


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